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Editorial Feedback Event

September 1 – 29, 2023

We know life is busy, but we hope you had the chance to write this summer—whether at a faraway conference or retreat, or even in your own backyard. If so, you might be ready to share new (or newly revised) work with an experienced editor. We warmly invite you to submit your writing to the CRAFT 2023 Fall Editorial Feedback Event!

Why request feedback? Maybe you're stuck on a scene, or can't quite find a home for a particular story or essay. New eyes on your work can make all the difference in your revision process. As we all know, writing successful prose is a lifelong endeavor that takes time, perseverance, and patience. As writers, we can continue to thrive through a strong sense of community by sharing our work with others eager to give feedback.

CRAFT offers editorial feedback on creative prose up to 6,000 words. We've carefully chosen a team of qualified editors to provide thoughtful critique. For each piece sent, you'll receive line-level marginal notes, as well as a two-page global letter discussing the strengths of the writing and the recommended focus for revision. While editorial feedback is inherently subjective, our suggestions will always be actionable and encouraging. Please allow up to twelve weeks to receive your feedback materials.

For your convenience and savings, we offer two options—single letters and triple letter packages. Rates are detailed below. Triple letter packages offer an 8% discount. This form is for single letters, but you can find the triple-letter option here, if desired.

All work sent through this event will also be considered for publication in CRAFT. Should we accept your work, no feedback will be offered and the fee will be refunded.

If you have questions about submissions, please send an email to: contact (at) craftliterary (dot) com

Testimonials from Previous Recipients of CRAFT Editorial Feedback:

Wow! I'm absolutely floored by the feedback experience at CRAFT. My editor was Katelyn [Keating], and she did a stellar job. I received incredibly thorough feedback, and have a much better idea, now, about how to move forward in strengthening and revising my essay, which is one of the most emotionally difficult pieces I've ever written. This piece is really important to me, and I'm moving forward with confidence and vision, thanks to Katelyn and CRAFT. I couldn't recommend your services more highly. Thank you, Katelyn!  —Kelli S. B.
I thank my editor, Joanna Acevedo, for reviewing my work and providing valuable feedback. I greatly appreciate her insights, kind words of encouragement, support, and recommendations. She took the time to understand and engage with my character, showing commitment and dedication to her work as an editor. Thank you for believing in my character!  —Teodora G.
Thank you so much [to Val Mathews] for your revelatory comments! Reading them was an amazing experience. It was so incredible to have someone speak from inside my own interiority. I just finished reading your feedback...and it was amazing to see how your comments expanded and deepened my story. I have never figured out how to approach revising. I think I thought of it like the game Jenga, but that adding as well as pulling parts out could make the whole thing fall apart. You showed me a way to do it that is so specific to this story. I learned so much!  —Amy C.


  • Flash fiction / flash creative nonfiction up to 1,000 words (one flash piece or up to three micro* pieces totaling fewer than 1,000 words): $59 for one letter OR $149 for three letters
  • Short story / creative nonfiction essay from 1,000 to 3,500 words (one piece): $79 for one letter OR $199 for three letters
  • Short story / creative nonfiction essay from 3,500 to 6,000 words (one piece): $99 for one letter OR $249 for three letters

*For our purposes, micros should be about 333 words maximum apiece, please. Include all three micros in ONE document.

How you can help us when sending work for our review:

  • Please send only .doc or .docx files, so that we can use MS Word's Track Changes for our marginal notes.
  • Kindly double-space and use Times New Roman 12.


  • CRAFT Editorial Feedback is open to all prose writers.
  • Please send fiction or creative nonfiction only.
  • International submissions are welcome.
  • Please submit work primarily written in English, but conceptually or stylistically necessary codeswitching is warmly welcomed.
  • Please adhere to the 6,000 word count maximum.
  • If sending up to three micros, include all pieces in ONE document.
  • Work that has received editorial feedback is not eligible for submission to CRAFT contests.
  • We strongly discourage simultaneous submissions in conjunction with editorial feedback. If your piece is already under review by our team and you withdraw it, we will not be able to offer a refund. If you withdraw your piece before we have begun feedback, we will be happy to let you substitute another piece of equal length.
  • We do not discriminate on the basis of age, ancestry, disability, family status, gender identity or expression, national origin, race, religion, sex or sexual orientation, or for any other reason.
  • Additionally, we do not tolerate discrimination in the writing we consider for publication. Work we find discriminatory on any of the bases stated here will be declined without complete review.
  • Unless specifically requested, we do not accept, consider, or review AI-generated work.
We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.